The Educational Materials Project The Wings of Society provides schools with a new method for the subject of Technology. It consists of books that contain basic material, a website with flexible and easily adaptable material, and support activities.

The Wings of Society is based on learning-by-doing. Children experience society mainly as a technical world. The method presents this technical environment as the result of human activities; consequently it is also dependent on human decisions and activities. Human needs and desires often trigger the development of new technical products. However, they could not have been made without scientific and other, non-technical, knowledge and skills.

The Wings of Society provides teachers and pupils with a variety of logical stepping stones to cross-curricular issues in technology, science, mathematics, arts and social studies.

A special version of The Wings of Society has been developed for Dutch VMBO TTO schools. More information on the site of The Wings of Society...

The publishing of The Wings of Society now has been transferred to the NVON, the Dutch Science Teachers Association.